One sided love

I see you, but you don’t see me that way

I want to hug you, but you never do that

I want to say i like you, but you wouldn’t say that word

I wanted to hold your hands, but your hands fits to someone

I wanted to tell you stories , but i don’t know if you would care to listen

My heart thumps every time you are near , but i don’t know if your beat that way.

My time stops when you walk by me, i know you wouldn’t notice that.

Yes i’m in one sided love- area

Work as if you don’t need a paycheck and your adult life will be happy - rich dad

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first love

actually, after watching my love from the star. i remembered my first love- yes ! he was the same as the lead character. a korean kid. yes a kid, but i will not elaborate things about him.

it is true ,first love never dies- it diminish and there is this possibility that you might forget him,but when things and moments happen, it makes you remember him. your memories with him- his laugh and voice. the way he talks and acts. his tease and the way he cloth himself. but the sad truth is, you wouldn’t meet him again. you wouldn’t see him again. you wouldn’t say some words again. yes, distance has a great factor, but years has the biggest one. 

questions are playing on your mind. is he thinking of me? even just for a moment? does he remember me? if he will see me today , will he likes me? or if i see him today? will it be the same as yesterday?

I’ve tried to like someone else not because i wanted to forget him , but there’s something inside me that makes me think of him at some point.

i wish that someday i’ll see him. if destiny permits. to see him from afar. if he has his own love now. i would just smile and be happy for them. yes this is what you called one sided love. 

this korean drama makes me remember that little kid. haaayyy…

Worship, thoughts

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Worship, thoughts